All Saints, Sedgley Conservation Area
Conservation Area Character Appraisal
January 2018

Please let us know your views on the draft All Saints, Sedgley Conservation character appraisal by taking part in our short questionnaire.
Full plans are available to view at

Q1 Does the draft document clearly explain what is special about the historic and architectural character of the All Saints Sedgley Conservation Area? 
Q2 Do you think the proposals set out in the draft document will help to preserve or enhance the special character of the All Saints Sedgley Conservation Area?
Q3 What do you think are the most important issues facing the All Saints Sedgley Conservation Area? Please feel free to suggest others not listed.
  Strongly Agree   Agree   Don't Know   Disagree   Strongly Disagree  
  Loss of traditional style windows due to replacement with modern uPVC          
  Loss of traditional shop fronts          
  Inappropriate signage/security measures          
  Inappropriate new development          
  The condition/maintenance of historic buildings          
  Public spaces around/ between buildings such as pavements, highway clutter, street furniture, squares/ open spaces          
  Poor Sense of entrance/arrival into the Conservation Area          
Q4 Do you think tighter planning controls (known as an Article 4 direction*) would help to address some of the issues identified in question 3 and therefore help to improve the character and appearance of the All Saints Sedgley Conservation Area? (These controls would not prevent development but would require that planning permission is obtained first at no charge to the applicant)
Q5 The map shows some additional areas outside of the current Conservation Area boundary that are also considered to be of architectural or historic significance. Do you support the proposal to increase the conservation area boundary to include these additional areas?

* The draft appraisal has identified that there are residential parts of the Conservation Area that could be better preserved and enhanced if the local planning authority was to withdraw certain permitted development rights. Article 4 directions are one of the tools available to a local planning authority, their purpose is to restrict the changes owners can make to the outside of their property without first obtaining planning permission. An Article 4 direction does not prevent development but simply requires that planning permission is first obtained; there is no fee payable for a planning application which is required solely as a consequence of the Article 4 direction. An Article 4 direction has been successfully employed in the Love Lane and Mushroom Green Conservation Areas.

                                                           Thank you for your time

The information provided in this questionnaire is subject to the provision of the Data Protection Act 1988. Your opinions and comments will be used to assist us in the production of a finalised Conservation Area Character Appraisal which will be published in due course. The information you provide will not be passed on to anybody else.

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