Glass Collection Feasibility Study 2009

Dudley Council has commissioned L&R Consulting to test the feasibility of the Council's aspiration to amalgamate its celebration of glass into one site at the Red House Glass Cone.  The overarching aim would be to create an improved attraction with museum status that was of the stature to do justice to the internationally renowned glass collection that attracted both established and new visitors alike.

The study will seek to test the feasibility of relocating glass collections from Broadfield House to Red House Glass Works Museum, known locally as the Red House Glass Cone.

Please add your thoughts to the consultation process by completing this survey either directly online or by printing and returning a copy to the contact details that are given at the end of the questionnaire.

First, a little about yourself.
Q1 Where do you live: note one response only
Q2 Are you? : note as many responses as appropriate
Q3 Is your area of interest? : note as many responses as appropriate
Q4 Prior to the start of the feasibility study, how often had you visited?
  Never   Very rarely   Once a year   Once a quarter   Monthly   More frequently   Don't know
  Broadfield House            
  Red House Glass Cone            
  Glass Store / Library            
  Online Broadfield web glass resources            
  Ruskin Glass Centre / College            
  Glass makers / outlets across Stourbridge            
Q8 Were you aware that, like most museums, only around 20% of the collection is on display, at Broadfield House, most is held in store, available to researchers.
Q9a What do you see as the main priority for the glass collection? Note ONE main single priority only
Q9b What are the other key priorities? Note as many as appropriate
The consultant team are looking at all possible uses of space, building conditions, security implications and accessibility, including the conversion of existing buildings or new build on the site.  The team is looking at options as to how the Red House Glass Cone site could, with some considerable reorganisation,  potentially accommodate the glass collection.
Q12 Please tell us your opinion of the following possible scheme options to better tell the story of the glass making industry in the Stourbridge area.
  I think really no chance at all   It's not really doable is it   Maybe you could make it work, maybe not   You could make something partially work   Very good chance it could be made to work well   Don't know / can't say
  Using the existing Red House Glass Cone site as at present          
  With re-ordering of the 2 floors of offices / crafts galleries currently not fully accessible to the public          
  By acquiring the former Stuart Crystal shop plus outbuildings including the tea room and storage buildings for redisplay          
Q14 If the outcome of the study indicated that the Council's aspiration could only be delivered at increased revenue costs to taxpayers, would you regard this as a cost worth paying? Mark ONE response only
Q16 Having read the questions above and provided your views, on balance how ambitious would you regard the Council's plan to amalgamate its celebration of glass onto the Red House Glass Cone Site? Mark ONE response only
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  The closing date for completed questionnaires to be taken into account in the Stage 1 study is midnight 31st August 2009.

The results will be included in the Stage 1 feasibility study report which will be presented to Cabinet in October 2009.

If you wish to print out this questionnaire and return it by post, please send it to:

Data Capture Team
Council House
Priory Road

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