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Unfortunately the close date for this position has now passed.

Job Summary for Teacher-in-Charge, Withymoor Language Unit

Directorate: Childrens Services, Individual Support Services, Children’s Specialist Services Division  
Salary:  (MPS + 2 sen PTS + TI R 2a) 
Job Summary: MPS+TLR 2a (2,422, pending 2009 national pay review) +1 or 2 SEN pts (dependent on experience and qualifications) - Available September 2009.

The ISS Divisional Manager is seeking to appoint a Teacher with knowledge and experience of teaching children with receptive communication difficulties/disorders. You will have the responsibility for leadership and management, assessment and teaching within Withymoor KS1 Language Unit, working in partnership with the Speech and Language Therapist attached to the unit. NB: The LU may move location within the next 18 months.

Dudley is committed to safeguarding its children and promoting their welfare, and expects each employee to actively pursue this aim at a level which is appropriate to the role undertaken.

All posts come with a requirement for an enhanced disclosure in accordance with the Children Act 1999 and subject to CRB clearance.

Closing date: 8 May 2009.

Interviews will take place on 20 May 2009 at Withymoor Primary School. 
Closing Date: 8/5/2009 
Vacancy ID: n/a 
For an informal discussion please contact: Joanne Tasker on 01384 818031 
Additional Information:  
Application Form: If you do not wish to apply online please use the below contact details to request an application form in the post.

Education Personnel Service Westox House, Trinity Road, Dudley, DY1 1JQ
01384 818031 (24hr answer machine)

Job Description for Teacher-in-Charge, Withymoor Language Unit

Reports to: Divisional Manager (Individual Support Services) (Line Manager of TiC LUs) Head teacher for school and daily issues  
Responsible for: The day-to-day delivery, organisation, leadership and management of the LU To include: a) Teaching, assessment and monitoring pupils with receptive communication difficulties b) Deployment and co-ordination of the work of HLTA c) Integration of pupils in the LU within all aspects of the main school, as appropriate d) Assessment of the educational and communication needs of pupils in the LU e) To work in partnership with the Speech and Language Therapist incorporating therapy programmes into IEPs f) Liaison with the SENCO and other staff on all matters relating to the LU pupils g) Delivering effective and efficient support to ensure that the educational needs of the pupils within the LU are met h) Implementing appropriate policies and practices to ensure the continual development of the LU within the school and the LA  
Main Purpose: 1. General
a) To ensure appropriate and effective teaching and support is delivered within the LU and main school
b) To establish and maintain professional relationships with the LU and school staff, parents and pupils to develop and sustain effective teaching and learning strategies
c) To ensure that the special educational needs of individual children are met within an inclusive environment that allows them access to the National Curriculum in accordance with the provisions of the Special Educational Needs Code of practice (2001) (SENCOP) and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
d) To have regard to the policies, procedures and practices of the Directorate of Children’s Services
e) To contribute to the development of SLCN provision by working in partnership with the Directorate of Children’s Services, Children’s Specialist Services Division, and schools to contribute to the raising of standards in teaching, learning and attainment for pupils with SLCN

Main Activities: 2. Leading, Managing and Developing the LU
a) To co-ordinate the work and deployment of the HLTA according to the individual needs of the pupils
b) To be responsible for the Performance Management of the HLTA
c) To lead, develop and enhance the working practice and support of the HLTA
d) To manage the inclusion of the LU staff in the routine responsibilities and activities within the school
e) To keep careful data and records relating to pupil progress and the effectiveness of support
f) To produce records and reports as requested by the Head and the LA
g) To manage the LU Budget
h) To evaluate the work of the LU within the context of the school and LA
i) To lead on Transition both entry and exit, in partnership with the peripatetic Teachers and other schools/settings
j) To develop the consultation and participation with pupils, in the development of the LU and Service provision, as part of the whole SLCN provision
k) To oversee the management of resources on a day-to-day basis
l) To co-ordinate the work and deployment of student teachers and work experience students in partnership with the SENCO and key staff
m) To produce protocols and complete risk assessments relating to the pupil with SLCN
n) To arrange transport for the children through Dudley’s transport department, and complete any necessary risk assessments
o) To liaise with and support the Head Teacher with aspects relating to the SEF and Ofsted inspections

3. Teaching and Learning
a) To carry out detailed assessments, monitoring, specialist teaching and programme planning for pupils within the LU and to provide written reports
b) To work with the Speech and Language Therapist in develop IEPs, teaching strategies, approaches, specialist materials and resources to support pupils with SLCN
c) To regularly liaise with staff in school to advise on specific strategies as LU pupils are integrated into main school activities
d) To work with SENCO, school staff and parents/carers to review and evaluate the progress of pupils
e) To work within a multi-disciplinary framework including partnership with parents, school and other professionals
f) To provide Transition Report

4. Impact on education progress beyond assigned pupils
a) To identify appropriate attainment and/or achievement targets (i.e. compiling, monitoring and reviewing pupil’s IEPs in collaboration with other staff and parents/carers)
b) To monitor the effectiveness of the assessment and teaching through observation, record- keeping, reports, regular team meetings and performance management systems
c) To monitor pupil’s standards and achievements against annual and termly targets
d) To monitor planning, curriculum coverage and learning outcomes
e) To monitor pupil’s behaviour and application
f) To lead and evaluate strategies to contribute to school self assessment relating to SLCN within the school
g) To ensure that relevant attainment/achievement targets are met

5. Leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of others
a) To maintain personal expertise and share this with other specialist LU teachers and other Teachers
b) To act as a role model of good classroom practice for other teachers, modelling effective strategies
c) To ensure that teachers are aware of the needs of inclusion of all SLCN pupils
d) To prepare and deliver training to school to promote inclusive practices and to aid the effective teaching of pupils with SLCN
e) To ensure that feedback from lesson observation and analysis of assessment data is appropriately reflected in teachers’ planning
f) To support, induct and monitor new staff in the LU
g) To assist Children’s Services, with the production and development of documentation or information regarding SLCN
h) To maintain professional awareness of current research and thinking on good practice in the education of children with SLCN and wider inclusion issues

6. Service Specific and Partnership work

a) To assist with the purchase, organisation and storage of resources
b) To assist in the collection and collation of information which may be required for SLCN management/service delivery purpose
c) To produce data, records and reports as requested
d) To participate in recruitment of new staff (job adverts, job descriptions, interviewing)
e) To participate in meetings which relate to the development, administration or organisation of the LU
f) To develop and maintain effective multi-agency working
g) To maintain close contact with parents and carers to inform, support and advise on issues relating to their child’s needs, development, assessment and education

Special Conditions:  
Car Allowance: na 

Person Specification for Teacher-in-Charge, Withymoor Language Unit

Experience: Teaching within the Foundation Stage and KS1
Knowledge of EYFS
Leadership and/or management area of responsibility
Planning and delivering a modified and differentiated curriculum
Teaching children with receptive communication difficulties
Working within a multi-agency framework
Qualifications or Training: Qualified Teacher Status
Additional SEN qualification (willing to train on SLCN)

Practical Skills: Ability to
Assess individual learning needs
Plan, deliver, modify and differentiate the curriculum for pupils with receptive communication difficulties
Plan, implement and advise on communication and behaviour management strategies to aid access to teaching and learning
Work as a positive member of a multi-disciplinary team
Advise classroom teachers on strategies to support pupils with communication difficulties
Deploy staff within LU and support for school activities
Lead and manage initiatives and developments
Work in partnership with parents and professionals from other agencies
Write and maintain Reports and records of assessment, reviews, lessons and pupil progress

Personal Qualities & Attributes: Good interpersonal skills
Flexible and approachable
Good communication skills
Sensitive to the needs of the children, family and school
Good organisational skills
Recognise and be committed to own professional development